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Is E-Visit's function restricted for patient visitor Check In only?

No! E-Visit is built with the functionality needed for visitor, employee and vendor check in and out processes.

Can a visitor schedule an appointment on E-VIsit?

Yes!  E-Visit is built with the calendar function so communities can assign open days and time for visits as well as the number of visitors allowed in a facility at any given time.

Can visitor data be extracted from E-Visit and used in communication efforts?

Absolutely!  The export function is as easy as selecting the export format.  Once the data is exported, it can be used in email and SMS communication.

How quickly can a facility be up and running with E-Visit?

The setup and onboarding takes approximately 5 business days. If any customization  or a new API integration is required, please add 5 more business days.  

Is an E-Visit tablet provided?

Yes! Fully loaded tablets are available to communities.  The tablet will include the E-Visit platform link..........and is locked so it can only be used for E-Visit purposes.

Are alerts built into E-Visit so management can be alerted to any concern or issue?

As with any of our software solutions, alerts and notifications are built into the platform.  If a visitor or employee fails a screening or their temperature doesn't meet requirements, designated staff members will be alerted immediately.

Can a visitor or employee continue to "Check In" if they have failed the screening process?

No! E-Visit will display a message not to proceed. The E-Visit's screen will lock down to ensure that visitor or employee cannot "Check In" through the portal.

How long is  the typical E-Visit contract?

The contract is a 2 year agreement.

Does a community have the ability to edit and update screening surveys and or acknowledgments as needed?

Yes!  E-Visit is built with a complete content management system which allows for communities to update the screening questions and or acknowledgements as needed.  

Can E-Visit integrate with LEVEL 10 and EAdmit?

Of course!  Any of our other platforms can be integrated with
E-Visit.  The API is in place to integrate between solutions.

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